The Thanksgiving miracle

After several memorable/traumatic buffet outings we were getting a bit twitchy thinking about going to a Thanksgiving buffet with all the kids. I started asking every local I could get my hands on for a buffet recommendation that was non-smoking, would tolerate flopping and crying and was affordable. The unanimous answer was Excalibur! We headedContinue reading “The Thanksgiving miracle”

The Venetian is a terrible psychological experiment

We thought that the Venetian was one of Las Vegas’s most unique Hotels. Come to find out it’s actually a hideous psychological experiment that had us in its clutches for most of the day. It all started at the Self Park. The signs were confusing and the underground parking labyrinth we were dumped into wasContinue reading “The Venetian is a terrible psychological experiment”

UberEATS is the best thing ever for traveling families and pot smokers

It’s very difficult eating out with all our kids on a normal day – in Vegas it’s been even more difficult. Buffets are great because everyone can get what they want but with seven people even the cheap ones rack up a hefty bill not to mention the chaos we bring with us – AContinue reading “UberEATS is the best thing ever for traveling families and pot smokers”

Freemont Zip lines

My 90-some year old grandma Olive does zip lines all the time. How hard and/or terrifying could it really be? Pretty terrifying. Symone really wanted to try it – so we got in line for the Freemont street ‘Slotzilla’. We watched many people fly over us as we waited. Symone got more and more keyedContinue reading “Freemont Zip lines”

“Does Captain America come to everything in Las Vegas?”

“What’s a spectacle?” “It hard to describe, you’ll just have to see for yourself” We had made our way down the strip, our jam packed minivan weaving slowly among limos, mobile billboards and sports cars. We parked at the Bellagio along with 10,000 of our closest friends and launched our flotilla of strollers, diaper bagsContinue reading ““Does Captain America come to everything in Las Vegas?””

Whole Foods to the rescue

They are all normally early risers at home, but our hotel rooms in Vegas didn’t have the isolated and electronically enabled infrastructure that our home does – so 5:30 am had everyone awake, bickering and crying. Kaety and I looked at each other through tired grumpiness and gave each other that knowing look that says,Continue reading “Whole Foods to the rescue”

The magic we lost along the way

Traveling with kids has its down sides but it also has its delights. Kaety and I have gotten jaded about the pure wonder contained in automatic rotating doors and the airport shuttle bus – but the kids thought they were amazing! We’ve also really lost any sense of magic around seatback trays – that latchContinue reading “The magic we lost along the way”

You can take it with you! Unless you kill it with antibiotic drops…

2 days before we were scheduled to share our germs with a tube full of people we all got pink eye – which should be more aptly named ‘really horribly red and disgustingly oozing eye’. We reacted quickly and everyone has been treated. We even have a note from our collective doctors that we canContinue reading “You can take it with you! Unless you kill it with antibiotic drops…”