In reflection: England with the teen

A few reflections on traveling with the teenager… We are both really glad we did this trip with Symone. She learned a lot – not just about the places and the people we visited, but little things that make life more functional like how to navigate putting your passport somewhere you can reach it quickly,Continue reading “In reflection: England with the teen”

Planning for England…with a teen!

When we asked 13 year-old Symone what kinds of things she’d like to see and do in England – she replied, “I want to see the British version of Taco Bell, and Big Ben.”  We looked at each other and then kindly excused her from the planning committee. The mission to broaden her horizons wasContinue reading “Planning for England…with a teen!”

Emmett, the Milkshake and the flat Nutria

We planned a little time away for the whole family on the river this weekend at Kaety’s dad’s Alsea fishing house. Less than 2 hours into the weekend our party train was a flaming wreck laying sideways in a ditch. We struggle with Emmett. He’s a wonderful kid that spends a lot of time inContinue reading “Emmett, the Milkshake and the flat Nutria”