“What reservation?” I chased three cooped up bord boys around an opulent Art Deco lobby while Kaety’s body language radiated impatience, anger and silent screaming at the check-in counter. Having us spend too much time in their lobby while they pulled all the levers and twirled the dials that made our reservation come back toContinue reading “Reservations?”

The magic we lost along the way

Traveling with kids has its down sides but it also has its delights. Kaety and I have gotten jaded about the pure wonder contained in automatic rotating doors and the airport shuttle bus – but the kids thought they were amazing! We’ve also really lost any sense of magic around seatback trays – that latchContinue reading “The magic we lost along the way”

Are we there yet?

The kids ran around and around the circular hall at the PDX Embassy Suites yelling “I love Las Vegas!!”. We realized that we need to take them out more. Oscar was thrilled to not only run by also find the occasional snack outside people’s hotel room doors. He was also thrilled to be able toContinue reading “Are we there yet?”

You can take it with you! Unless you kill it with antibiotic drops…

2 days before we were scheduled to share our germs with a tube full of people we all got pink eye – which should be more aptly named ‘really horribly red and disgustingly oozing eye’. We reacted quickly and everyone has been treated. We even have a note from our collective doctors that we canContinue reading “You can take it with you! Unless you kill it with antibiotic drops…”