Kobe train – rush hour crush

We ended up on the metro train at about 5:30, which seemed to be a high capacity time for travel. When the train arrived it was packed…like not one more person could possible squeeze into the train car packed. Yet the 15 people we were in line with thought otherwise – and we wadded inContinue reading “Kobe train – rush hour crush”

Kobe Marine Technology Conference

We wanted to attend the session ‘Blue Economies of India’ this morning but the day 2 jetlag syndrome was hitting us both pretty hard. Sessions today included: ‘Plankton Image Classification via Multi-class Imbalanced Learning’, ‘Fish recognition from a vessel camera using deep convolutional neural network and data augmentation’, and evocatively titled ‘Application of deep learningContinue reading “Kobe Marine Technology Conference”

Japanese conference boxed lunch

We’re pretty familiar with the standard US conference boxed lunch so we were excited to see what the Japanese version of the conference hoagie, meat and mayo packets would be. It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t great. I was delighted by the little bottle of soy sauce hanging off the side and the green tea juiceContinue reading “Japanese conference boxed lunch”

MTS Conference: The plenaries

We are attending the Marine Technology Societies joint conference with Oceans and The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers at the Kobe International Conference Center. The opening ceremonies and plenary speeches for the conference were fascinating. There were speakers from each organization who conducted a greeting and then a speech. I had to hand itContinue reading “MTS Conference: The plenaries”