Iceland – the jumping bladders

We can hear them from our VRBO window – from dawn to dusk the kids of Isafjodur are jumping and jumping and screaming and screaming. Right next to city hall they have installed a big inflated bladder. It looks pretty fun and it’s always occupied. As I walked around town and noticed the trappings ofContinue reading “Iceland – the jumping bladders”

Iceland – Eating at Tjöruhúsið

We walked through town looking for ‘an old viking lodge’ which contained a restaurant named Tjöruhúsið. Neither of us knew what a viking lodge looked like, nor would ever be able to read whatever word our VRBO host had said to us as we launched out the door- but we were confident that our noses wouldContinue reading “Iceland – Eating at Tjöruhúsið”

Iceland – Driving to the Westjords

The conference Kaety was attending in Iceland had some awkward travel constraints around it. We pushed and pulled and finally figured out something that worked and get us there on time. That ‘figuring out’ ended up sounding like this, “The flight to Reykjavík leaves Portland at 3 pm and is only a 7 hour flight…andContinue reading “Iceland – Driving to the Westjords”

Iceland – On our way

20 years ago when someone said something about going to Iceland you’d assume they were military personnel…and had done something wrong. 10 years ago people who went to Iceland were world travelers who had run out of the normal stuff to do and were ‘adventure touring’. They also tended to be people who owned moreContinue reading “Iceland – On our way”

Increasing my Icelandic cultural competency

In two days we leave for Iceland. I downloaded an iTunes play list of popular Icelandic music in hopes of increasing my cultural competency. With a greater sense of cultural appreciation I am hopeful that when I see a craggy escarpment I will appreciate its unique cragginess through the eyes of a guy who’s listenedContinue reading “Increasing my Icelandic cultural competency”