Iceland – our run at Dynjandi

We made a run at the Dynjandi waterfall this afternoon. I picked Kaety up from her last conference session and we ventured into the long single lane tunnel towards the waterfall. It was supposedly only 24 miles away, but the torrential rain, and poor visibility made the journey much longer. The weather was shifting radicallyContinue reading “Iceland – our run at Dynjandi”

Iceland – The shared bathroom in the GentleSpace

Isafjordur is a small enough town that when Kaety went to book a room for the conference everything in the traditional hotel realm was full…so we found a room in one of two boarding houses. Our boarding house was called The GentleSpace, which for some reason cracked us up, “Kaety, the GentleSpace doesn’t like dirtyContinue reading “Iceland – The shared bathroom in the GentleSpace”

Iceland – More Tjöruhúsið

We tried to go somewhere else, but when you are convinced you’ve had one of your top 5 best food experiences in your life, you pretty much go back for more. We plopped down at Tjöruhúsið (AKA “The fish Resturaunt”) and awaited another culinary delight. The menu was completely different – Spotted catfish (ocean going),Continue reading “Iceland – More Tjöruhúsið”

Iceland – Visual literacy

I’m a big fan of visual literacy. During my life as a designer I must have made hundreds of unique icons all built to describe complicated processes at a glance. My icons didn’t always translate to all markets, especially overseas markets. I remember getting all offended when I got the critique that my icon forContinue reading “Iceland – Visual literacy”

Iceland – Isafjodur and the Westfjords

While Kaety was discovering that it will be GIS scientists that will save the world I spent time poking around Isafjodur. It’s one of the largest towns on the northern side of Iceland, and it’s about the size of Depoe Bay. It looks like it was once a large fishing town that is going throughContinue reading “Iceland – Isafjodur and the Westfjords”