Iceland – the after action report

Iceland: The after action report. We flew home and tipped our body/sleep acclimation fully over for the second time in a week. I fully embrace that I am a delicate flower and such jagged transitions mess me up for quite a while. 4 days after returning and I am starting to see straight and walkContinue reading “Iceland – the after action report”

Iceland – The church and last day

We spent our last morning wandering Reykjavik, shopping, seeing the sights and gawking at other people doing the same thing. We went to the church, looked around, remarked at its impressive and austere nature, and then took the elevator to the top to check out the city view. We had different experiences at the top.Continue reading “Iceland – The church and last day”

Iceland – the double comforters

We’ve run across these elsewhere in Europe and they baffle me. Instead of a double bed comforter, you are provided to single sized comforters. Is this the European version of the posturpedic mattress? “She likes a firmness if 5 and he likes a 2!” As the night progresses the crack in the middle, which hadContinue reading “Iceland – the double comforters”

Iceland – Geothermal valley

We passed through an amazing valley with dozens of steam plumes lining the sky. The slight odor of sulfur was in the air. Several big vents marked the sites of big geothermal plants making electricity. We drove for miles through the valley which was essentially a lava field, passing vent after vent. At one pointContinue reading “Iceland – Geothermal valley”

Iceland – The South Coast

We headed out along the southern coast route today to see various waterfalls and the black-sand beach. In the Westfjords we’d gotten used to a landscape that changed every 5 minutes. Along the south coast route the landscape was more of a long game. Big sweeping hills with peaks of glaciated mountains in the distanceContinue reading “Iceland – The South Coast”

Iceland – Thingvellir

We got off our plane and picked up our oddly snazzy rental car and took off to Thingvellir national park and world heritage site. Thingvellir is an interesting collection of natural and historic landmarks. It’s ground zero for the mid-Atlantic tectonic ridge. The whole place screams ’geologic transitions’ in play. Big hunks of crust areContinue reading “Iceland – Thingvellir”

Iceland – regional flight out of Wesfjords

We arrived at the Isafjordur regional airport for our flight to Reykjavík and found that it had been delayed. “Weather?” I asked. “No!”, he scoffed, “Never weather! The flight crew had to work late last night so they said they would not be able to work until they had slept” Oh. So we killed time,Continue reading “Iceland – regional flight out of Wesfjords”

Iceland – the Fisherman Trail conference dinner

I spoused along on Kaety’s conference concluding dinner. We boarded a giant bus at 6:30 which launched with the oddly ominous announcement from the bus driver, “Our separation will be short. We will reunite in 25km” We were headed to Suðureyri, and the Fisherman’s Trail. I had to look twice and make sure it didn’tContinue reading “Iceland – the Fisherman Trail conference dinner”