Norwegian Air – the screamin’ deal

We got a screamin’ deal on our tickets to London flying with Norwegian – the latest discount carrier.  With a screaming deal comes severe restrictions.  No seat assignments, no food, and baggage restrictions that forced me to resurrect my calculus skills.  Kaety got serious about the food problem – it’s only a 9-hour flight butContinue reading “Norwegian Air – the screamin’ deal”

The safety briefing – “…your own alcohol?!”

I enjoyed noting the little tidbits that were added to Alaska’s aircraft safety procedure speech.  I am often the guy creating the sign or policy that comes from a new trend in problematic behavior.  When I hear, “…passengers are prohibited from drinking their own alcohol while aboard the aircraft…”, I know for certain that atContinue reading “The safety briefing – “…your own alcohol?!””

Art of the cheap suitcase – Muji Love

During each trip we either have a bag failure or we (I) don’t want to mess with a checked bag. We always end up buying a bag to check on every trip – which tends to lead us to interesting stores we wouldn’t normally visit. The upshot of this circle of self inflicted luggage woeContinue reading “Art of the cheap suitcase – Muji Love”

The night before the flight – “Oh Shilo!”

Oh Shilo… It was the right price, gave us some elbow room, as well as that hot tub time machine groovy feeling but once we got in bed – yikes.   A combination of clock paranoia and an odd bed had us all flipping and flopping all night – I felt like a piece of meatContinue reading “The night before the flight – “Oh Shilo!””

Planning for England…with a teen!

When we asked 13 year-old Symone what kinds of things she’d like to see and do in England – she replied, “I want to see the British version of Taco Bell, and Big Ben.”  We looked at each other and then kindly excused her from the planning committee. The mission to broaden her horizons wasContinue reading “Planning for England…with a teen!”

England – Exploring my stereotypes

In preparation for our trip I’ve been excited to review the stereotypes I carry around in my head about England – so that I can thoroughly enjoy busting them with reality.  What do I know about England through the lens of literature, pop culture, movies and TV?  I grew up on The Chronicles of NarniaContinue reading “England – Exploring my stereotypes”