Gob Smacked – Gloucester Cathedral

As I was standing in the Cloisters at Gloucester Cathedral with my mouth hanging open, another visitor popped out of a side entrance and paused – his mouth hanging open just as wide as mine. He met my eye, grinned and said, “Well, my gob has totally been smacked!”

We wandered from area to area marveling at every detail and deeply feeling the age of everything around us. I noticed the wear patterns on the stone stairs from hundreds of years of human feet slowly walking a groove in them. I noticed the candles lit for those who had passed on…an intimate action in such a grand and over the top place. Then I noticed the older gentleman sitting quietly alone in the chapel obviously mourning. What a contract of human experiences and expression cast across hundreds of years! The deaths, the births, the politics, the lives, and the voices all bouncing around inside an artistic and engineering achievement that seemed to celebrate everything we strive to be…but can’t quit meet.


Life of Pi – Airplane revelations

The first time I saw Life of PI I was falling deeply in love with Kaety. I was also waking up to saying yes to myself. At the time I was still carrying such a burden of shame and guilt from my past. After the tiger is revealed to be PI I was in awe and experienced some jealousy that forgiveness could be that easy. 

5 years later I watched the movie again on the plane to England with Symone and Kaety. I noticed that I didn’t have an ounce of shame in me anymore. Apparently saying yes to love can heal just about everything.