Art of the cheap suitcase – Muji Love

During each trip we either have a bag failure or we (I) don’t want to mess with a checked bag. We always end up buying a bag to check on every trip – which tends to lead us to interesting stores we wouldn’t normally visit. The upshot of this circle of self inflicted luggage woeContinue reading “Art of the cheap suitcase – Muji Love”

The night before the flight – “Oh Shilo!”

Oh Shilo… It was the right price, gave us some elbow room, as well as that hot tub time machine groovy feeling but once we got in bed – yikes.   A combination of clock paranoia and an odd bed had us all flipping and flopping all night – I felt like a piece of meatContinue reading “The night before the flight – “Oh Shilo!””

England – Exploring my stereotypes

In preparation for our trip I’ve been excited to review the stereotypes I carry around in my head about England – so that I can thoroughly enjoy busting them with reality.  What do I know about England through the lens of literature, pop culture, movies and TV?  I grew up on The Chronicles of NarniaContinue reading “England – Exploring my stereotypes”

Living each day as if you have forever

It’s interesting how life brings things from the past into sudden and abrupt focus in the present. I always smile at these moments – because I think of them as the universe clearing it’s throat and nodding ‘pay attention’. Yesterday I handed off a cooler of Oysters to a friend as we passed in theContinue reading “Living each day as if you have forever”

Emmett, the Milkshake and the flat Nutria

We planned a little time away for the whole family on the river this weekend at Kaety’s dad’s Alsea fishing house. Less than 2 hours into the weekend our party train was a flaming wreck laying sideways in a ditch. We struggle with Emmett. He’s a wonderful kid that spends a lot of time inContinue reading “Emmett, the Milkshake and the flat Nutria”