Hedgerow X-Wing Fighter

Our trip back from Sudeley was harrowing. Apparently the Cotswolds does have its very own rush hour which turns the single lane winding roads into a rich tapestry of near death experiences.  Kaety and I were furiously ‘group thinking’ every move. At some point we fell in with a caravan of about ten fast movingContinue reading “Hedgerow X-Wing Fighter”

Sudeley Castle and the omnipresent history of Britain

We drove out to Sudeley Castle via a series of small roads that wound us through dozens of small villages and rolling farm lands bordered by stone fences and hedgerows. It was incredibly picturesque! At every turn we expected to see Emma and Mr. Knightly walking across the pastures.  At many points along the roadContinue reading “Sudeley Castle and the omnipresent history of Britain”

The international adult eater

We spent a lot of time cautioning Symone to let go of her picky eating habits while we travelled. We had some concerns that we’d have to be managing a non-eating sullen teen around meal times but she rose up and met the challenge! She’s charged forward and tried a lot of unfamiliar thing withoutContinue reading “The international adult eater”

Gob Smacked – Gloucester Cathedral

As I was standing in the Cloisters at Gloucester Cathedral with my mouth hanging open, another visitor popped out of a side entrance and paused – his mouth hanging open just as wide as mine. He met my eye, grinned and said, “Well, my gob has totally been smacked!” We wandered from area to areaContinue reading “Gob Smacked – Gloucester Cathedral”

England – The Cotswolds! Seriously charming!

The drive into The Cotswolds, through little tiny villages such as Birdlip, the Slough, and Stow were stunning! Perfect forests, old rustic stone buildings, handmade fences, and beautiful gardens were everywhere!  We navigated into the village of Painswick where we had rented a cottage and threaded our way down a horse lane with our rentalContinue reading “England – The Cotswolds! Seriously charming!”

Driving in England – the left side of the road

Yikes.  I knew the left handed driving would be challenging, especially after being tired from the flight – but I had a plan. My plan was to take it slow. The Enterprise Rental car agent must have put the word out because we pulled out into a deserted parking lot…to be dumped in the bustleContinue reading “Driving in England – the left side of the road”

Dreamliners, Jet lag, and the first stamp

The flight was long and even with the miracle of the Dreamliner’s new air filter and pressurization system to reduce jet lag, jet lag still found its way upon me. Mostly in my posterior.  Symone was jazzed to be off the plane. Still being a half-time member of the non-adult club she can still ableContinue reading “Dreamliners, Jet lag, and the first stamp”

Foreign money is cool – Snacks can kill

We got to Seattle and the plethora of snacks Kaety packed flagged as all as  bombers.  Fortunately we had hours to kill before our flight.  While the TSA guy unpacked my food shaped explosives I thought about how many pieces of luggage and backpacks he navigates. It impossible for me to keep a great ideaContinue reading “Foreign money is cool – Snacks can kill”

Norwegian Air – the screamin’ deal

We got a screamin’ deal on our tickets to London flying with Norwegian – the latest discount carrier.  With a screaming deal comes severe restrictions.  No seat assignments, no food, and baggage restrictions that forced me to resurrect my calculus skills.  Kaety got serious about the food problem – it’s only a 9-hour flight butContinue reading “Norwegian Air – the screamin’ deal”

The safety briefing – “…your own alcohol?!”

I enjoyed noting the little tidbits that were added to Alaska’s aircraft safety procedure speech.  I am often the guy creating the sign or policy that comes from a new trend in problematic behavior.  When I hear, “…passengers are prohibited from drinking their own alcohol while aboard the aircraft…”, I know for certain that atContinue reading “The safety briefing – “…your own alcohol?!””