Exhaustion in London

…and come to find out the antithesis of a cure for exhaustion is a visit to the Boroughs market.  The throngs of squished together, shambling market goers redefined the word ‘throngs’ for me.  Kaety was getting cranky and decided she’d medicate herself into a better state with a Prosseco peach spritzer. It worked.  We tookContinue reading “Exhaustion in London”

The Tate Museum of Modern Art

After we finished visiting the galleries of the first and second floors of the Tate Modern art museum, Symone paused and asked, “Now what exactly is ‘modern’? Because I really like it!” I had a suspicion that Symone would like the Tate but hadn’t set my hopes too high.  I mustered up an explanation thatContinue reading “The Tate Museum of Modern Art”

Shakespeare’s Globe theater

Weeks ago I had booked a 9:30 am tour of Shakespeare’s Globe theater on-line well before I knew how exhausted we’d be on the last day of our trip.  We cajoled and harassed Symone out of bed and out the door into the deserted streets of the soho district. Finding breakfast at 7:30 am wasContinue reading “Shakespeare’s Globe theater”

Vintage stores and civil unrest

Symone had one last desire to fulfill before we left in the morning – she wanted to do some vintage clothes shopping. Kaety crashed facedown on the bed once we arrived back from our outing, so I took Symone out on my own.  The vintage store was fabulous…and filled with interesting characters making their wardrobeContinue reading “Vintage stores and civil unrest”

London! Slumping in the British Museum

After a lovely train ride from Bath to London we found our way to our London AirBnB apartment. It was fashionably ‘city grunge’ and nothing like the Cotswolds. I looked out the window onto the row of pubs lining both sides of our streets and knew we’d be in for a night full of hootin’Continue reading “London! Slumping in the British Museum”

Bath – “Slavery and human sacrifice sounds so cheery when discussed in a British accent”

We left the narrow but charming comforts of the Cotswolds and headed for Bath and ultimately on to London.  We ditched the rental car, hopped into a surly taxi and in moments found ourselves in front of the Roman Baths…surrounded by a henge of luggage. I pointed at a sandwich board outside a barbershop thatContinue reading “Bath – “Slavery and human sacrifice sounds so cheery when discussed in a British accent””

Kennet Long Barrow and the tomb dust

Kaety was staring at the blue dot on Apple maps, and I was trying to navigate out of the car park. We were trying to find a tomb, but every time we typed in ‘Kennet Long Barrow’ it directed us to the middle of a roadless field.  So…we drove towards the field with high hopes. Continue reading “Kennet Long Barrow and the tomb dust”

Avebury – prehistoric musings

I brushed up on human pre-history over a cheese and quince paste breakfast. We were going to visit the Avebury Henge and I wanted to be vaguely informed.  I went back about 500,000 years and started working my forward. The Henge was constructed in 3000 BC – making the site 5000 years old. The hengeContinue reading “Avebury – prehistoric musings”

The English pub and the art of adult conversation

We got back to the village just in time for the pub to fire up the kitchen and the hearth. The fish and chips came with the ever notorious minted mashed peas. I kind of enjoyed it. Kinda.  While we enjoyed our food we talked to Symone about conversational tennis, and how to get betterContinue reading “The English pub and the art of adult conversation”