See Love Live is an endeavorer that came out of a relationship. Mark and Kaety worked together professional for years. Somewhere in the midst of projects and relationship The Big Love was uncovered…and embraced.

See Love Live is first and foremost a celebration of love, life and family. In our blog we share stories and adventures that hopefully lend some hope to families and couples trying to live a connected and meaningful life – from a point of view that finds humor and humility in the efforts to be parents.

You don’t have to read far to see how deeply we love each other, and how much we enjoy our family life and our work. We are raising a blended family of four children, and also are a foster family. We’ve cared for over 12 children in the last 5 years – many of which were drug affected infants. We love to garden, and find an endless number o life affirming metaphors nested inside the abundance that the garden provides. We also love to travel, both as a couple and with our children. You will find a lot of stories in our blog that share our adventures trying to execute our value of making our children adaptive resilient global citizens –  a process which is not always pretty. We talk a lot about how we travel, how we managed to do it with the kids, how much it costs, and things that work…and don’t work. Our goal with our travel wiring is to inspire everyone, on any budget, to get out and explore the world. Travel really does make us grow!

…and most importantly we talk about our relationship. We try to be as open an honest as possible about how we came together, the emotional struggles we deal with trying to live inside love, the regard we have for each other, and how being loved changes us. 

We want to examine and change the common narrative about relationship – The way the world talks about relationships and marriage is terrible – we are committed to unpacking the adage, “Marriage takes work.” We believe this poorly statement has created a lot of misery for couples. 


Mark came out of a long career in adverting and public relations. Some people say a mid-life crisis led Mark to Oregon State University’s Hatfield Marine Science Center and Mark does not disagree with them. He currently works as the Strategic Initiatives Manager and Science Communicator for the Director’s office at Hatfield working with the most supportive, mature group of adults ever. . 


Kaety spent 16 years of her career as a scientist and educator working as a Fisheries Extension Agent with Oregon Sea Grant. She fell deeply in love with the commercial fishing industry and worked at a local, state and federal levels to improve and empower coastal communities. In 2018 she ran for Lincoln County Commissioner – She is now now the youngest woman Commissioner ever to be elected in Oregon and has had the opportunity to cut her teeth as a new leader on a global pandemic, a devastating wildfire, and a massive economic recovery effort.