Vintage stores and civil unrest

Symone had one last desire to fulfill before we left in the morning – she wanted to do some vintage clothes shopping. Kaety crashed facedown on the bed once we arrived back from our outing, so I took Symone out on my own. 

The vintage store was fabulous…and filled with interesting characters making their wardrobe melange from the 60’s 70’s, and 80’s totally work for them.

Our walk back through the city was filled with fun sites and interesting characters – and as we neared our apartment I heard a loud rally of some sort. I diverted us a block to check it out. 

It was the conclusion of an Algerian march we’d seen earlier in the day. Symone didn’t want to go, but I insisted that she couldn’t visit London without experiencing some civil unrest. 

We watched the rally for a moment and then made a hasty exit as punches start getting thrown and the police rushed in. 

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