Exhaustion in London

…and come to find out the antithesis of a cure for exhaustion is a visit to the Boroughs market. 

The throngs of squished together, shambling market goers redefined the word ‘throngs’ for me. 

Kaety was getting cranky and decided she’d medicate herself into a better state with a Prosseco peach spritzer. It worked. 

We took one pass through, dodged into a cheese shop to admire the many, many, beautifully white powered and waxed rounds, and then up to a chocolate restaurant to recharge and enjoy artistic and delicious food. As we entered the restaurant the hosted informed us that the table had a two hour limit. I had to reiterate just to make sure I understood, “You mean we can’t sit here longer than two hours?”. Funny. 

Symone wanted to see a few more British icons, so after a lunch of beef, rum, butternut squash, and chocolate we headed to Buckingham Palace to watch the guards move around in very stiff and specific ways with two thousand of our closest friends. 

We got our second wind and were in much better spirits as we strolled through James park and enjoyed the flowers and an odd encounter with a tree full of parrots. 

We were chatting about how the place looked a lot like Washington DC. Kaety made the statement, “…except their aren’t as many statues of giant white guys here…” just as we broke out onto a boulevard filled with giant white guy statues. 

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