England – The Cotswolds! Seriously charming!

The drive into The Cotswolds, through little tiny villages such as Birdlip, the Slough, and Stow were stunning! Perfect forests, old rustic stone buildings, handmade fences, and beautiful gardens were everywhere! 

We navigated into the village of Painswick where we had rented a cottage and threaded our way down a horse lane with our rental car and then ultimately to our low charming door that unlocked with a skeleton key. The village, it’s buildings, church, and gardens were really wonderful. Song birds chirped loudly from all the trees, and behind each cottage was a private garden where generations of lavender, wisteria, clematis and rosemary thrived in charming companionship. 

We drank strong cider and ate bangers and mash at the local pub where we watched the towns people come and go after work, and finally walked home to get our internal clocks set into local time. 

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