Art of the cheap suitcase – Muji Love

During each trip we either have a bag failure or we (I) don’t want to mess with a checked bag. We always end up buying a bag to check on every trip – which tends to lead us to interesting stores we wouldn’t normally visit. The upshot of this circle of self inflicted luggage woe is that we have become cheap bag experts. 

Last we were in Japan and suffered from bag failure  Thomas Fast turned us on to the Muji store, which is something like Crate and Barrel, IKEA and the store where Classic Trek Colonist buy their uni-sex coveralls all wrapped into one. We bought a Muji suitcase and have deemed it the best bag ever. Light weight, smooth, simple and shocking durable. Every time we travel with it one us will exclaim, “I love the Muji!”

We need more. 

Guess we need to go back to Japan…IMG_7182

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