Iceland – The church and last day

We spent our last morning wandering Reykjavik, shopping, seeing the sights and gawking at other people doing the same thing. We went to the church, looked around, remarked at its impressive and austere nature, and then took the elevator to the top to check out the city view. We had different experiences at the top. I saw pretty roof-tops and a dark dramatic sky line. Kaety smelled urine. When there’s that much perceptual space between us it’s always a signal that eating should happened soon.

We ate at a dark, romantic stone building that was so cool everyone stopped on the street just outside the window next to our table and took a picture of it. I got a kick out of watching them suddenly notice the place, dig out their cameras and then act like people who wear bi-focals as the tipped their heads back to peer into their tiny view screen.

We swam at the edges of big walking tour groups and dodged our way to various city spectacles.

We said goodbye to Iceland and headed for the airport. We fly back in time so we will get to Portland an hour after our flight from Reykjavik left except with a 7-hour full body hangover.

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