Iceland – The South Coast

We headed out along the southern coast route today to see various waterfalls and the black-sand beach.

In the Westfjords we’d gotten used to a landscape that changed every 5 minutes. Along the south coast route the landscape was more of a long game. Big sweeping hills with peaks of glaciated mountains in the distance slowly resolved into deep chasms, high cliffs, and tall waterfalls.

We spotted a huge waterfall off in the distance and turned off to see it. We were shocked to see that 200 other people were there also. We were completely offended that these other people were using our Iceland – in the Westfjords no one was using our Iceland.

The water fall was spectacular, but as Allison Walkingshaw had forecasted, Iceland pretty much spoils you for waterfalls. During our drive and after the 432nd waterfall sighting Kaety sighed and said, “You know…its just water falling off a cliff…”. I looked at her and laughed. Yep, we’d gotten spoiled.

After a 2 hour drive we turned off to Reynisfjara, aka, the Black-Sand-beach, aka, the place where John Snow found the dragon glass mine.

The geology was amazing! Twisted basalt, back sand, and signs of the crust flipping in its edge.


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