Iceland – regional flight out of Wesfjords

We arrived at the Isafjordur regional airport for our flight to Reykjavík and found that it had been delayed.

“Weather?” I asked.

“No!”, he scoffed, “Never weather! The flight crew had to work late last night so they said they would not be able to work until they had slept”


So we killed time, drove around and looked at sheep farms, and we found the landfill!

We spent some time at a local pizza shop/mini mart/cafe and watched Chinese table tennis.

It was a random morning.

The rental car return process was alarmingly casual. The airport terminal clerk took our car keys and threw them in a bucket with a number of other keys. I kind of stood there for a minute waiting for the paperwork and the dent inspection. He just shrugged and said, “They come for it.”

I’m sure this won’t cause any problems for Kaety’s reimbursement with UABC.

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