Iceland – our run at Dynjandi

We made a run at the Dynjandi waterfall this afternoon. I picked Kaety up from her last conference session and we ventured into the long single lane tunnel towards the waterfall. It was supposedly only 24 miles away, but the torrential rain, and poor visibility made the journey much longer. The weather was shifting radically every five minutes. Rays of sun would punch down on the landscape and highlight a patch of color in the grey. At one point the sun was behind a bank of clouds making the sky a freaky blue black color. The little farm houses dotting the sweeping landscape gave us an epic perspective on just how huge the mountains were around us. At one point we dropped down into a fjord and a small town and its net pens were spotlighted in the sun. Overlooking the town were some slightly goofy looking norse god totems.

When we found the turn-off to the waterfall we realized that we’d never make it. We had 26 more miles of snow covered gravel road ahead of us to navigate in our roller-skate…nope!


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