Iceland- Intertidal fjords

While there was a waterfall every 100 yards, I really never got tired of seeing them…and pointing every one of them out to Kaety.

I did restrain myself a bit and only stopped to photograph the ones that didn’t involve a death defying hike, or take us off our course too far. During a stop at one of the nameless, anonymous stunningly beautiful falls we noticed steam rising from below the high tide line on the shore of the fjord.

One thing we noticed is the the intertidal zone of a fjord is pretty unique to everything we know of bays. It was really a trip to find a hot spring bubbling up into a ‘tide pool’.

The water was too hot too touch and didn’t smell like sulfur – the algae and various creatures must have been getting cooked but seemed to be thriving. The real advantageous action for all the organisms must have been when the tide was high and the whole area was underwater.


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