Iceland – Eating at Tjöruhúsið

We walked through town looking for ‘an old viking lodge’ which contained a restaurant named Tjöruhúsið. Neither of us knew what a viking lodge looked like, nor would ever be able to read whatever word our VRBO host had said to us as we launched out the door- but we were confident that our noses would win the day.

We found it and walked around the building twice before deciding the place might be closed. We ran into a man loading his van. We asked. He tapped on the tiny square of a viking window and the chef appeared, his head exactly the size of the window. He poked his head out and said, “How many?”. We held up two fingers. He barked, “Name?”, “Mark”. He shouted things to someone behind him and then said, “Come back at 7. You eat fish” and closed the window.

We came back at 7. It was obvious at that point where the opening was. The place was a beautiful low beam building filled with music, light and the smell of food.

It was a family style place. The meal was set out on counters and everyone picked up their plates and dished up.

Everyone of the 10 or so seafood dishes we had were mind-blowing! One of the top three food experiences we’ve ever had. Arctic char, Wolf eel, Cod, Halibut, Ling, Muscles, and other things we couldn’t identify were prepared in a collection of sauces that showed off the fish and transported us.


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