Iceland – On our way


20 years ago when someone said something about going to Iceland you’d assume they were military personnel…and had done something wrong.

10 years ago people who went to Iceland were world travelers who had run out of the normal stuff to do and were ‘adventure touring’. They also tended to be people who owned more than one ice axe and ‘telecommuted’ to their jobs.

Today you can throw a rock and hit at least three people who have been to Iceland in the last month.

Why is everyone going to Iceland? Well…Iceland has done a brilliant job capturing up tourists on their way to other places. Iceland Air allows a free 5 day layover to anyone traveling to and from Europe. So many people took advantage of the arrangement that it built a lot of popular buzz. What was the content of the buzz? That Iceland was stunningly beautiful! …reports also state that after visiting Iceland you’ll disdain all US based waterfalls forever.

So we have joined the herd and are on our way!

Kaety is participating in a coastal spacial planning conference focused on climate change issues and I’m spousing along with her.

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