Increasing my Icelandic cultural competency

In two days we leave for Iceland. I downloaded an iTunes play list of popular Icelandic music in hopes of increasing my cultural competency.

With a greater sense of cultural appreciation I am hopeful that when I see a craggy escarpment I will appreciate its unique cragginess through the eyes of a guy who’s listened to an hour of Icelandic music.

What I did notice after my hour of listening is that the moody tunes range from folk to synth and lyrics hat included a lot of ice metaphors. I was delighted. “I never saw the black ice in your heart – until it was too late”

Pounding rain, icy shards, lazy rain, drifting snow, fractures in the ice around your heart, and ‘the melt’ all found their way into my Iceland bucket of wisdom via my short foray into the music.

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