Kaety’s suitcase blew its zipper upon arrival in Japan. We spotted an IKEA on the way from the airport on the local metro line and today executed a foray out to buy a new suitcase.

We’ve spent a lot of time at IKEA’s so we were super curious what variations would be unique to a Japanese IKEA.

Come to find out…not much at all. The furniture and home items were the same. The food offerings were about the same but with a few rice and seafood based items we don’t see in the states. Meatballs, potatoes and lingon berry sauce were still front and center.

I did wonder how the almost non-sensical fake Swedish names were being translated into Japanese.

We saw Thomas Fast later that day – he reviewed the photos and reported that the Japanese characters were essentially spelling out phonetic characters to build the exact same name. So an IKEA ‘Fado’ is still a ‘Fado’ in Japan.

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