OnWakeUpTime scripting error

6-year old humans and computers have a lot in common. When you give them literal instruction they follow them. We told Emmett that when he woke up he could open his only his stocking and nothing else until everyone was up. We thought we had all the bases covered. At 12:20 am we realized our mistake. We had left out a line of code assigning a value to OnWakeUpTime = x.

Since the program had already been compiled and was running there was no redo. We got to re-realize our error at 1:20, 2:40, 3:10, 3:15, 3:17, 4:25 and then finally 6:30.

As we pretended to be getting out of bed Emmett raced back and forth between the living room and our bedroom reporting each gift that Santa had left in his stocking. Each and every gift was amazing!!! Each report was delivered to our horizontal faces at a volume level of 11.

Santa had been up late putting Emmett’s Playmobil house together – which involved a huge collection of microscopic pieces. We laid in bed surrounded by little colored bags that we methodically assembled into windows, doors and flower boxes while we watched the Tudors mistreat each other.

We finally managed to get up and initiate the present opening. Paw Patrol, PJ Masks, Star Wars, Playmobil, and Converse were reoccurring themes that emerged from the cacophony of wrapping paper that carpeted the living room.

The kids settled into playing with their new things and we got to lounge on the couch eating cinnamon rolls and dodging the occasional Owlet fly-by.

Merry Christmas everyone!!



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