Red flags and three year olds

We were laying in our VRBO master bed made from six old-growth trees and trying to sleep in. Various early morning request were floated and fulfilled including one from Noble asking for a damp wash cloth. That kind of request from a three-year old should raise some red flags- but I cared more about getting back to bed than figuring out the mystery.

Later we were in the bathroom getting ready and talking about what we needed to do to leave. I remembered the washcloth, “Oh, hey, we need to be on the lookout for a damp washcloth somewhere in the house – Noble asked me for it this morning”.

Kaety paused washing her hair in the shower, “Oh god! Seriously?”

At that moment I looked down and noticed a washcloth right on the edge of the sink where I was brushing my teeth, “oh! I found it”. When I picked it up a large turd rolled out and landed on my bare feet.


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