Barfing in Bend

We had a wedding to attend in Bend and since Oscar was just beginning his transition plan to his new family we were up for a distraction. We piled everyone in the car for the four hour drive to a mystery VRBO in Bend.

The car trip involved a lot of “dying” of various things like boredom, thirst, hunger and lack of Wi-Fi but through some miracle we arrived at the southern most tip of Sunriver at 11 at night to the coolest log cabin ever. As we opened each door we kept expecting the Cartwrights to jump out and ‘howdy’ us.

The kids were thrilled with the place and mostly went to bed and stayed there. We all slept in beds made of whole logs.

We ventured out for breakfast and then came home to Emmett complaining that his stomach hurt. Emmett’s stomach always hurts when he’s reluctant to participate in an upcoming activity, so we mostly ignored him…until he puked all over the bathroom. And by all over I mean at least three times his total body mass area multiplied by PI.

Plans for the day changed at that point…

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