We are joining the church of SkyCap

The process of departing started the night before. As we feared we had gathered more things than we had come with and neglected to bring a duffle bag. To be totally clear Kaety had suggested that we bring an extra suitcase – I had glanced at the mountain we already had amassed and gave the idea a thumbs down.

We remedied the situation with a Black Friday drive-by on a Ross. Kaety was so magnanimous, or distracted, that she did not give me a ‘told you so’.

The luggage, the car seats, the backpacks, the shuttles, the airport carts, and the mobile humans made the 20 min trek to the airport…challenging.

The SkyCap was our savior. He calmly processed 7 people and our small rural towns worth of luggage with good humor and calm. His calm became our calm.

As we walked away we decided that if SkyCap ever starts a religion we’d join up right away.

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