UberEATS is the best thing ever for traveling families and pot smokers

It’s very difficult eating out with all our kids on a normal day – in Vegas it’s been even more difficult. Buffets are great because everyone can get what they want but with seven people even the cheap ones rack up a hefty bill not to mention the chaos we bring with us – A baby that scatters as much as he eats and two little boys that only eat yellow things, are done in five minutes and can’t keep themselves off the floors. Each meal involves some sort of spill. We joked that our lunch at Port of Subs was a success because it only involved one orange cone.

Basically, eating out sucks.

Which is why the hero of our trip has been UberEATS.

Kaety and I already love the ease and convenience of Uber when we travel for work and vacation and we always get a bonus of a life story.

UberEATS is an app.Participating restaurants in town offer a ‘delivery’ menu – You order what you want via the app and an Uber driver picks it up and brings it to you. In Vegas we are paying between $5-8 per delivery in addition to the cost of the food.

There are a LOT of choices of restaurants and they range from fast food to upscale.

The service has saved our sanity and we’ve gotten to try a lot of food from places we’d never be able to take the kids.

It’s been a fun daily routine of browsing about a hundred restaurants and putting in two orders: one to satisfy the kids and one to satisfy the adults.

I asked one of our Uber drivers about it – what he thought, did he do it, what was it like? Apparently Nevada’s recent legalization of recreational marijuana has made the service super lucrative for Uber drivers.

Of course it has.

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