Freemont Zip lines

My 90-some year old grandma Olive does zip lines all the time. How hard and/or terrifying could it really be?

Pretty terrifying.

Symone really wanted to try it – so we got in line for the Freemont street ‘Slotzilla’.

We watched many people fly over us as we waited. Symone got more and more keyed up as time ticked by.

They rigged us up in harnesses of overwhelming complexity and then sent us up the stairs to the launch platform. It started to hit me as we went up seven flights of stairs just how high we were. We got to the launch gate just in time to see a member of the party in front of us have a full blown panic attack. It wasn’t helping Symone and I keep our sense of calm.

It was our turn – they had us walk out to the edge of the void and ‘sit’ into our harnesses. The act of sitting triggered us to slide out over open space. It was really freakin scary. I have rock climbed, rappelled, and done all sorts of death defying rope work, but the ‘carney’ ride vibe was really tweaking me out.

The launch came and we glided out under a canopy of lights and over the heads of drunk people. It was pretty awesome.

We landed and both of us were kind of shaken. Symone said, “I was so scared I kind of cried while I flew”.

She replayed the whole thing over and over all the way back to the hotel. It was a good time!

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