“Once I start a fight they ask me to move on…”

The boys and I ‘cruised the strip’ in our minivan on our way back from Whole Foods at 8 am.

Emmett was completely impressed with the city. As we slowly drove the strip he started a running dialog as if he were an adult living in Las Vegas. I was both amused and appalled at the snippets of dialog he’s picked up from his 6 years on the planet.

“I’ve lived in many of these hotels. Once I start a fight there they ask me to move on”

“My boss works there so he got me and my friends in for free”

“I had one girlfriend who lived there, and another girlfriend who lived near there. I wasn’t very smart because I should have picked girlfriends who lived farther apart. They met each other by accident one night near the fake statute of liverty and fought me. It was bad. They asked me to move out”

“I helped build that place. It was all my idea but people I worked with lied and said it was their idea instead and everyone believed them. I got revenge by building the place across the street that was even better”

“I invented the laser, but it didn’t work very well so the people I sold it to made it into a big sign in Las Vegas”

“I only come out at night and kiss people with big butts. “

“I have a lot of trouble in this town but it’s also been nice too me. Street tacos make me feel better when I’m sad about my two girl friends fighting me”

I had no words.

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