Are we there yet?

The kids ran around and around the circular hall at the PDX Embassy Suites yelling “I love Las Vegas!!”. We realized that we need to take them out more. Oscar was thrilled to not only run by also find the occasional snack outside people’s hotel room doors. He was also thrilled to be able to climb on the luggage cart and touch two forbidden objects: the TV and the remote. All the remote fun ended when he threw it in the toilet and tried flushing it. I suspect that escapade will show up as an incidental charge on our bill. Emmett took one for the team and pulled the urine soaked remote out of the toilet and then walked around the room staring at his hand and yelling “I touched pee! Kaety and I stuck all the kids in one bedroom and she and I took the pull out and the baby. The pull out was a huge bumpy concave arc that had each of us clutching the edge of the mattress all night to keep from being sucked into the void.

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