The circus goes to Vegas!

During last year’s annual OSU Extension BBQ we won a weeks worth of lodging at any RCI resort. We were very excited and promptly went to figure out what the heck an RCI resort was. Come to find out it’s a huge network of vacation lodgings all over the world. We dove in, figured out the arcane system of points and weeks, and had a funny time brushing up on our geography.

“Where’s Bulgaria? Is Constantinople still a place?”

We decided on St Lucia and booked a week in a beautiful thatched roof cliff side bungalow overlooking turquoise water filled with cavorting mega-fauna. We were very excited.

When we got around to booking flights we discovered that all flights were full and all other modes of transportation took too long for our block of time. I called lots of people to find a way in. When one smart-ass in Florida mocked me by calculating the cost of an open ocean kayak rental we knew it was time to throw in the towel.

We returned to the RCI website and discovered that the only place left in the whole world was Vegas during the week of Thanksgiving. It was an odd choice but gave us the idea to turn our St. Lucia lemons into a lemonade smoothy with a side of beef. We booked a couple of additional rooms and invited Grammy Robin, Alan and Delores to join us and the kids for a Thanksgiving week in Vegas!

Holy cow. We leave Friday…

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