4 children, 1 bag of kettle corn

A placating bag of kettle corn seemed like a good idea while we were in the store, but once we arrived at the car the one bag of popcorn was always two arm lengths away from 3 out of 4 children. What was in everyone’s reach was the desire to be in control of the bag, passing the bag too slowly to their siblings, and to lick things that other people might touch.

At some point we reacquired control of the corn based Gaza Strip and dolled out portions of popcorn in cups. Shortly after the cup system was deployed someone in the back of the van dropped their cup – since we were driving and weren’t allowed by the laws of god or man to unbuckle our seat belts the only option was to cry and scream.

It may have simply been wishful thinking, or perhaps some other less thoughtful emotion but I didn’t even pause as I chucked the half eaten open bag of popcorn to the farthest reaches of the van. Kaety looked over at me incredulous, “Did you just really do that?”

“I may have just done that”

She looked in the rear view mirror, “I don’t see it”

“I’m pretty sure it hit him and he’s eating quietly”

Emmett, the intended recipient of the launched food piped up, “No, you missed, it’s all over the back. All over!”

Kaety looked at me, “what did he say?”

“He said that everything’s great and in no way is there popcorn scattered all over the back of the van.”

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